The Path of Love

Kabir says,

The Path of Love is very narrow. There, two cannot walk.

It the path is very narrow how can two walk.  It only fits one. Impossible for two to walk the path. But to love, two is required.  How can we have dialogue with just one? Who are you conversing with?  You conversing with your imagination. The dialogue is with your imagination. This cannot be the real godliness when the dialogue is with your imagination.

When you are in love, there is no dialogue, it does not happen. We call it the sound of the “unstruck sound”. A hum, the sound of the eternal, which you hear all along. No dialogue, no words, no instructions, no shouting, no whispering, no sorrow.  The sound of Aum but not directed at anyone in particular, the opposite cease to exist.  The number 2 person disappears. You are all alone. Love blossoms.

Bliss. Total Bliss. Total Bliss Altogether. Total Bliss Altogether Everywhere. Total Bliss Altogether Everywhere Eternally.

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