The Night Surrounds Me

From a unknown poet:
Sometimes night surrounds me,
sometimes i summon the day.
Sometimes a radiance seeks me,
sometimes i radiate light.
How do i know when it is the voice of my being
and when it is the mind?
You know but you don’t know. You know but don’t know that you know.  You don’t know that you know, but you know you don’t know. When the mind speaks, it appears as imagination. When the mind uses the senses, it becomes audible, visible, tasteful, fragrant and touched.  When you can’t see but you saw, when can’t hear but you heard, when you can’t smell but you had the aroma, when you can’t taste but you savor, when nothing is claimed, divulged, opined or pronounced, then what comes up in the no-mind, Samadhi state.
Your experience is your mind. Your feelings are your mind. Your interpretations are your mind. It is your duality. Your egoistic tendency, superior or inferior both qualify. Experience is of the duality. Presence is of the non-dual.  When it is dark, you yearn for the light.  When it is day, you yearn for a shadow.  When it is cold, you crave for heat, when it is hot, you yearn for chill.  You go on playing hide-and-seek, of light and darkness, pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow, love and hate, truth and untruth.  You imagine it is the truth, you pretend that it is the truth.  Imagination has no barriers. 
What a duality?

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