The life & journey of "a tiny boy"

Let’s imagine that a blood cell as similar to “a tiny boy” lives, runs  and works all the time in nearly the whole of our body!
There are three kinds of them: red boy, white boy & platelet boy; each bears a very significant & important mission;
His life is only about 120-day, very short in comparison to our life!
Now let’s follow our red boy to his journey with the mission as a transporter…
Starting from the left Article chamber, he jumps into the main high way Aorta by the pressure when left Article contracts; on his back there are hooks named Hb ( hemoglobin) to carry O2. He now on the way to travel almost every where in our body through the main road Arteries, then to smaller road Arterioles and finally to very tiny lane Capillaries…
In this lanes, he delivers O2 to the muscle tissues or organ cells; he is very intelligent and will not come back right away: he looks around and pickup “wasted garbage” as CO2 and finding the way back!
Let’s imagine, his journey to return is more slower because he depends quite a lot of the vessel contraction – the tiny small lanes now named post-capillary venules, when joining together they forms Venules; Venules joins together forming Veins then to lead back to the Right Atrium through “vena cava”;
He travels through Right Ventricle and jumps out again to 2 lungs by 2 pulmonary Arteries; in the lung, he diffuses CO2 and collects O2 to come back to Left Atrium and then to Left Ventricle Chamber waiting for the next journey…
When getting old, he will travel to Spleen or Liver as retired places and waiting to be re-used or diffused…
He is busy and working all the time… so how about us?!
So, don’t be lazy!
PhamQuangThu, Bhairava

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