The important of mantras in yoga practice

Tirisula was my very first yoga studio that I stepped in to learn yoga. The thing that amaze me the most as a beginner when I first here was the chanting of ‘om’ or mantras. Something attracts and connect me with those mantras as I felt I was at the right place to begin my journey in yoga.

So let’s see, why mantras is important in yoga practice?

Om is one of the mantras which is chanted at the start of a yoga class because it facilitates a connection between the self and the universe. The mantra is a unique collection of words where each word has it’s own power and significance. Together they work towards centering the brain and creating more space in the body, mind and spirit.

The chanting of mantras has been an intrinsic part of yoga and meditation in India, when you repeat a particular mantra, the vibrations of the sound influences our physiological and psychological being. On a deeper level, the sound of mantra attunes the vibrations of the mind with the cosmos.

– Darshini Ramachandran