The Importance of Savasana

Some fall asleep, some are fidgeters – but hate it or love it, here’s why you should never skip it!


Savasana, also known as Corpse pose is usually done at the end of every yoga sequence. It is designed to prepare our body for meditation.

To slow the body, release tension, deepen the breath, and quiet down the mind. All in the aim of allowing less thought and more meditative states of consciousness. On top of allowing the body and mind to be in the best place for meditation, there are countless other benefits.

Savasana allows for complete rest of the body. It allows the yoga to melt into the muscles, joints, and bones. It allows for healing to take place on a cellular level as the body is completely rested and still. This rest has been known to help lower levels of anxiety, reduce blood pressure, and help with sleeping problems and insomnia.

On a mental level, savasana allows us time to slow down and gives us permission to do absolutely nothing. This is a rarity in our fast-paced lives. While we are here, there is no goal or place to strive to. It forces us to be with ourselves which teaches us to find peace with who we are when everything else falls away.


While the benefits of savasana are endless, some of us find it very difficult to stay still, calm and rested for the whole time. If this is you, know that you’re not alone.

Start by scanning the physical body for tension or tightness. As you take your focus from the top of your head to your toes, try your best to release effort from every inch of your body.

Then help yourself find more stillness by bringing your awareness to your breathing. This is the best tool we have available to us to slow the mind and the body. You can also attach a mantra to the breath the give the mind something more to focus on. Try Om on your inhale and Om on your exhale. ‘Om’ is the sound of everything and can be very grounding during savasana.