The Fifth Chakra Vishuddha = To Purify

Location: Throat
Colour: Pale Turquoise / Sky Blue
Hormone Gland : Thyroid
Element: Ether
Bija Mantra : ” Ham ”
Sense: Hearing
Symbol: 16 – petalled lotus
Purpose: Communication , creativity
Balanced energy : Truthful , clear spoken , reflective , inspiring /inspired , creative , imaginative , non-judgemental , honest about own weakness , independent , aware of subtle dimensions , good communicator, contented .
Unbalanced or Blocked energy : Poor communication , over-talkative , judgemental , grating tone , stuttering and so on , dishonest , lacking creativity , uninspiring , arrogant , indecisive , dependent , unfeeling .
This fifth chakra rules the aspects of communication and creativity . People with balanced energy in this chakra will be inspring to be with and naturally looked up by others. When the chakra is fully opens , the person is often a wonderful orator , with beautiful harmonious voice . You feel fully heard by such person , people with this free-flowing energy can also appear to communicate without words , their eyes drawing you in . This chakra will also allow you to be able to hear your inner voice with the ear of the higher mind.
Suggestion for balancing Vishuddha as follows :

  • Spend time in silence , and listen regularly for the inner voice
  • Set aside time for reflection about your life and direction . Ask yourself if you are happy with its course.
  • Lie on the grass on a warm day and gaze up at the clear blue sky and contemplate the ether.
  • After a social event , reflect on what you said , and how you expressed it .
  • Listen to the tone of your voice and make adjustments if necessary.
  • Practice Pranayama regularly , example : Brahmari
  • Try Visualization for Vishuddha
  • Asanas practice – example :  Jalandhara Bandha ( Chin Lock ) , Matsyasana  or Sarvangasana .
  • Take up hobby where your deep inner creativity may flourish
  • Chant Mantra  ” Ham “

Let’s start ” Ham ” ,  let the energy flow and embrace it . Namaste .

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