The beginning of my yoga journey

I still remember my first yoga class – it was a hot yoga class that was on a promotion, I felt really dizzy and couldn’t even finish the entire class. I went out of the class thinking “Yoga is not for me”.

The moves were too difficult & painful – I couldn’t reach here & there, I couldn’t hold the postures properly, I felt like a.. failure. I hate it. That was 6 years ago and at that time, I wasn’t really loving myself and my body much. I was eating unhealthy and not exercising at all. I took almost all my pleasure from getting drunk in the weekends, repeating the self destructive cycle of getting stressed at work on weekdays and relieving stress by partying in the weekends, just to get even more tired & depressed when Mondays come.

My friends and colleagues kept asking me to join more yoga classes and even though I resisted & gave a lot of excuses – their persistence won. I can’t thank them for that! Over time, I began to like yoga more and more – as I went to more classes I can feel my balance, strength and flexibility grow. The postures became easier to do. My body feels better after the classes. Above all, I feel the change in my mind. I feel calmer, less angry, more appreciative of life & myself.

In the beginning I didn’t think much when the yoga teachers said “Thank yourself for coming into the mat to hear your mind & body”. Now I know it’s true. I know so little about yoga still, but I can feel the massive healing benefits it has brought to myself.

I was so blessed that yoga came into my life and I’m excited to continue learning & sharing it to everyone around me.