The Beginning of a Union

“I don’t even like Yoga!”

This is my response if you asked me to comment about Yoga before July 2019.  Reason being all along, I have taken Yoga classes in community centres and I always find the pace too slow for me.  I prefer something more robust like Cardio boxing or Zumba.  So taking up YTT course will be the last thing on my to do list.  But the Universe always have something in plan for you regardless of whether you like it or not or shall I say, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

One fine day on the first week of July 2019, I woke up having this mentality of wanting to try out Yoga. This is very strange as I have no connection with Yoga in any areas of my life and neither do any of my close friends do Yoga.  Nevertheless, I go with the flow, did my research, compared the studio prices/location/timing and finally had my 2 best choices; which one of it is Tirisula – of course!

First, I tried out this Yoga X studio and my first lesson was disappointing because the trainer mainly go through the movements and was even using her hand-phone during class! Luckily for me, from the 2nd lessons onward, I started to enjoy the Yoga classes, mainly because of the trainer who corrected my alignment and explain clearly which muscles to focus on during the different asanas . At that moment, I understand how important it is for a good trainer to impart Yoga skills/knowledge to others especially newbies – it’s either you lead them towards the path or destroy the path for them – I was almost on the verge of “giving Yoga a bad name” after my first lesson! There and then, I was in a dilemma whether to continue classes with this studio and hence taking up the YTT course with them or to try out Tirisula.

After some thoughts and “CSI” work, I finally made my move and took up the classes at Tirisula and everything is history!  The incense’s smell as you walked up the stairs to the main door with the studio set up looks very zen and calming – it’s like “coming home” for me although it is my first time there.  The friendly trainers who generously teaches you and correct your alignment are a gem!  Initially I just wanted to attend class for this year before signing up for the YTT in 2020 because the last available weekend YTT course is in September and I already have holidays planned and do not wished to skip any lessons.

However ….
While I was casually browsing through the course dates, I was surprised that there were no classes during my planned holidays and my heart skipped a beat.
Is that a sign?
Is that really what I am supposed to do?

And so, I took that as a clear sign to me, and sign up for YTT course.

Days leading up to the YTT course were filled with “why am I doing this”, “what if I fail?”, “I can’t even do this and this posture”, “how would my course mates be?”, etc.  I read up all the blog post from YTT seniors and the more I read, the more worried I am .. 3 mins of head stand to pass the exam?!  OMG!  I can’t even ……. Yet at some point, I am actually looking forward to it and wondering where will it leads me to.

If you ask me what is the main purpose of me taking up this YTT course, my answer will is simply because I want to do the asanas correctly with the right alignment. I guess, being OCD in this aspect is positive and instead of depending on the trainer in class to correct my posture as and when he is available (he needs to attend to other people too!), I would rather learn it myself.

And the golden question – am I going to teach after the YTT course?
For me, if it happens, it happen – trust the process; just like how Yoga “found’ me!


I remembered the first time I stepped into a Yoga studio and I felt so intimidated.  The students all looked so steady and were in nice workout wear while I was wearing a frumpy T-shirt and leggings. And I signed up for the Ashtanga Primary Series class (at my 3rd class – so smart right)  not knowing this is for the advanced students and it’s a culture shock for me.  Everyone was moving in syn, while I was busy looking at the girl beside me and copying whatever she is doing.  Whatever she did, I can only do 40% and I was already perspiring like mad.  At the end of the class, I almost have to crawl out – no joke!  Thereafter, that is the last of me in that class.

I am just glad I did not give up Yoga.

After 3 months of Yoga, I feel more grounded and I think it helps me with my anxiety – at times, I wonder why am I not getting angry over a particular issue when in the past, I would have flared up already.

Yoga (life) is great and I am a true convert now!

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