The 8 limbs of Yoga – PRANAYAMA

Pranayama was developed to control breathing as a method of controlling mind.

Breathing more fully and efficiently will therefore nourishing the tissues, the bloodstream and the nerves.  Controlled, deep breathing helps to calm the nervous system and relax the body and mind.  This can be helpful in countering insomnia or poor-quality sleep.  Deep breathing can be used effectively to alleviate and treat asthma and bronchitis.  

Breathing and The Emotion

When we are frightened, we gasp inwards and hold our breath.

When we are tired or bored, our breathing is long and drawn out (we yawn).

When we angry or sorrow, our breathing becomes irregular and choppy.

When we are worry, anxiety or tense, our breath becomes shallow and either slow or hurried.

This is because the breath and the emotions are interdependent.  It is possible by bringing the breath under control to reduce the effects of emotional turbulence.

The Full Yogic Breath

This technique helps to bring my attention to the three regions of breath that make up a Full Yogic Breath.  It increase the lung capacity and encourages fuller breathing into lungs.  It has deeply calming effect that replenishes the oxygen supply in the body.  It is very useful during my practice asanas, to tone respiratory muscles and help me relax in time of tension.  Also, it works perfectly before bedtime (10 to 15 rounds), fall asleep more easily.

Sithali and Sitkari

The Cooling Breaths are useful especially in the hot weather.  They also calm the nervous system, alleviate the symptoms of asthma and nausea and appease hunger and thirst.

Sithali focuses on lengthening the inhalation.  Curl the tongue forming a tube like a straw; inhaling feeling the cool air passes over the tongue and exhaling through the nose.

Sitkari focuses on inhale and exhale through our teeth, making a hissing sound as the air passes through our teeth and over the tongue.  As with Sitkari, this air feels cool over the surface of the tongue.  I enjoying Sitkari very much because I can take a lot of chocolates to avoid body getting heaty!!   Ops!!

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