A Thank-You to my fellow students

I came late to this course. Originally enrolled in the week-day course, I was forced by a change in work to move to the weekends. I must admit a small case of nerves as I came to Tirisula that first day, worried that I would be left behind as friend groups would be long formed. It is obvious now that I had nothing to worry about.

I feel delighted that I have found such a lovely group of people to spend the last 2.5 months. Always greeted with smiles and kind words I can safely say that I have learnt something from every single one of you. Although I have not had the privilege of attending everyone’s class over the last few weeks, those who have taught me have impressed me greatly with their knowledge and direction. I have no doubt that all of you will make wonderful teachers. Please remember this when I ask for a discount when I come to your studios!

Finally, and although I am reluctant to single out one person from this amazing group, I wanted to make a special mention of Seah. I have been truly inspired by you being part of the course and I hope you will push ahead and teach. You are a natural.

Best of luck everyone. Alex.

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