A Great Life Experience!

I’ve just completed the four week YTT200 hours. The course was thorough, well structured and well delivered by masters Paalu and Satya. I would very much recommend to others, and one day I hope to return to do my 300 hours at Tirisula. Thank you for a great life experience :)))

Practical and enriching classes

In this month I have learned so much more than I had ever learned through previous classes, everything that I have learned can be put into action in my life right away. In class we have learned breathing techniques to bring the heart rate down more quickly which serves me well during my practice, at the gym or in any stressful situation. We have learned how to properly process our thoughts in order to be the most content as we go on with our lives.

With each class my mind was gaining more understanding and my body was become more aware of itself. With the theory section I always had to go in with an open mind and with the practice I had to learn how to be aware of muscles I was never familiar with(psoas).

My love relationship with Yoga has even deepened further…

My love relationship with Yoga has even deepened further since starting the Yoga Teacher training in March of this year…I am particularly excited about knowing the exact alignment of each pose as well as realising some of the other obvious benefits to my exposure by being more intimately familiar with Pranayama and Kriyas.

Their dedication is unlike the others

“Though the time spent together are short, we had great fun learning from our masters. They have taught us with their utmost passion and sincerity. And I bet you, their dedications are unlike the others”