Ten Simple Rules To Life

The Purpose of Life is to …

1.  Share Your Love.  Truly pursue this purpose in life with passion, and all the others will follow naturally! Love everyone, and start with those closest to you.

2.  Give to Others. You can make a difference in the world! Choose to serve and give in small ways right now. One purpose of life is to serve others.

3.  Increase in Light. Your spirit and body can actually hold light.  Learn to flow with light, bringing it into your life and letting it flow out to others. Increase your light bearing capacity by following the truth you know.

4.  Learn Wisdom. Pursue wisdom not as your final purpose, but for the love of Wisdom and also to better serve others with increased talents. Read the best books and learn all you can. Truth is eternal, and you can take it with you! (

5.  Accept Yourself. Love Yourself. Your birth, body, parents, strengths, weaknesses and nationality all have a purpose. Accept your purpose and your talents. Feel your emotions and allow them to flow without attachments.

6.  Enjoy the Mystery. Wonder at the beauty and richness of life, without trying to figure it all out. See the world in childlike simplicity and joy. Know that GOD is here, but do not try to understand.

7.  Create Your Reality. In this Worldly Sphere, you choose with your thoughts what to create. Be bold in life, and decide what you really want. Move toward all your dreams with a powerful vision! You can learn to consciously create your life. Choose NOW to maximize your creative mind.

8.  Follow the Higher-Self. Trust your inner voice that leads you and prompts you into the higher paths. Learning to follow the Higher-Self it is one of the purposes of life.  As you listen to the spirit, you will achieve greater inspiration for all your daily activities.

9.  Revel in the Present. Find joy, focus, and engagement in every present activity. Your point of personal power is the present moment.  You can only act in the present.  As you live in the now, you conquer the illusion of TIME and begin to live in TRUTH. Know what happened happened for the BEST. Know whatever is happening is happening for the BEST. Know whatever is going to happen is to happen for the BEST.

10.  Experience Joy. The ultimate purpose of this life is joy and happiness. We maximize our joy by pursuing it indirectly. Simply pursue the first nine purposes of life and the Joy will flow magnetically to you. SAT-CHIT-ANANDA


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