I’ve had many great teachers in life, really & honestly some of the best in the world.  I don’t know what I actually did to be so blessed I just hope that I do at least that much again with the rest of my time in this life. Now I haven’t always been so accepting and loving of these teachers, that has slowly come about over the last 20 years in life I’d say and accelerated quite a lot in the last 3. 

Choosing a teacher for me is carefully studying a situation, trusting my instinct and judgement, following with an open heart and a sensible mind (this is ahimsa & satya & even asteya) and always following through and I am always willing to be pushed and to push. But as a student we are the most vulnerable even if there is nothing wrong with us or anyone for that matter, we will still pick up on silent cues and conversations & how a person lives and the language they use, it is vital to what we will pick up on & then we may incorporate this in to our practice and or routine for living, but the great thing is that there have been many great minds to come along Sage Patanjali Maharishi, Shantideva, Shakyamuni Buddha all so long ago and with the same teachings as we all need to know now and who have said this all along. 

More specifically through kindness, compassion, patience and understanding of everything that I go through so that I can relate to anything and everything that someone else is going through, even if it does not directly apply to me. 

Having been a solid detox groupie and dharma practitioner for a while I can honestly say even when a teacher checks in with us if there is something wrong & we all say nothing, there is often something there. A crick neck from sleeping, the loss of a loved one, the unknowingness of something that happened 10 years ago is about to creep up it’s ugly head with all my SATTVIC diet and KRIYA Yoga it all counts and we all do it. 

Pain is also one of our greatest teachers, and treating ourselves with compassion is a even better teacher maybe if I get that right I will be okay in going out in to the world to help others 🙂 

Anne Healey 

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