Since I was a little girl I heard about how teachers can have profound impacts on our lives, through their knowledge, behavior and approach.
After years of walking different spiritual pathways, meditation, Munay Ki, Reiki, CreArte or yoga, I can confirm how instrumental each teacher was to expand the dimensions of each path beyond the classroom teaching.
Good teachers leave behind a legacy. Our best teachers are not necessarily found ‘in the classroom’ – some of the most valuable lessons are learnt from people who we cross paths with daily and don’t necessarily think of as teachers. These people put a mirror in front of us highlighting positive and negative things within our self. The best teachers transcend the temporality of the classroom and the topic that is being taught, and teach wider life lessons.
When I started yoga teacher training, I was reminded of the responsibility of teachers. In particular, it has taught me; to be careful with words – every word that comes out your mouth should include some wisdom; BE PRESENT and mindful in any comments made to your student; in teaching we should seek to understand our students individual needs and this will allow the teacher to truly connect with you students; MAKE YOGA FUN; always remember your purpose and create your intentions and actions with this in mind; every day ask yourself two question, and search the answer.
I have many teachers who have contributed towards me becoming the person I am today and every day I remember these teachers and the many marvelous moments they shared and this makes me feel that the homework was done right. HUGEST THANKS
Claudia, Jun 2015, 200hr YTTC/HathaAsthanga

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