Leah Northington

Yoga Teacher

Integrating medicine and spirituality

  • Education Leah was first introduced to yoga over 10 years ago while taking a weekly community class. Surrounded by students of all ages, backgrounds, and physical abilities, these evenings were a comfortable haven to explore the connection between mind, body, and spirit through asana, pranayama, and meditation practice. She fell in love with how present she became during the classes. From one inhale to the next exhale, she found the joy of having space to move in, this space within not only her body but her spirit. It was a revelation to have such an all-encompassing tool that could be used every day in all aspects of life. Leah completed her medical degree in the United States in 2013 and then moved down to Maryland to practice Emergency Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Her yoga practice served initially as a balance with her medical studies to release tension after hours spent pouring over books and then as a way to rejuvenate after long and demanding shifts at the hospital. It enabled her to remain centered and grounded during the most stressful aspects of her work taking care of patients in medical and trauma emergencies. She found yoga practice vital when it came to taking care of herself so she could give her all to helping her patients in a variety of situations, dealing with everything from day to day medical complaints to life threatening events and even patient deaths.
  • Experience As the years of personal yoga practice continued, the benefits of yoga as a whole mind, body and spirit exploration became increasingly notable. In addition, it became very obvious that many of her patients in the Emergency Department could benefit from adding yoga to their daily routines, both as preventative medicine and as a therapy for current medical illnesses. With her love of medicine and how the human body works, Leah became increasingly excited about pursuing yoga as a holistic health practice, having a desire to use yoga to help improve the quality of life of her patients.
  • Skills After a move to Singapore, Leah found she finally had the time and opportunity to deepen her knowledge and practice of yoga. She completed the 200hrs Hatha/Ashtanga Teachers Training (RYT200) at Tirisula Yoga, finding the scientific angle of teaching from her Masters wonderfully complemented her medical background. Leah has been continuing her journey as a yoga instructor and is currently completing the 500hrs Hatha/Ashtanga Teachers Training (RYT500) with Master Paalu and Master Satya. Leah loves to act as a guide for her students as they explore what yoga means to them in their lives. Her passion is to help people understand their bodies and the holistic connection between health and wellbeing at a physical, mental, and spiritual level. She seeks to assist students to find joy in being present for themselves, supporting them as needed during their process of self-discovery through both the high moments and the challenges. She feels ever grateful for the knowledge she continues to acquire from her Masters and truly honored to be allowed to partake in her student’s personal yoga journeys.
  • Favourite Yoga Poses