My first teacher training ^0^

I‘ve been practicing yoga for approximate one year at a studio which is located in East Malaysia. The teachers are not properly qualified or certified.  Opening up a studio after attending yoga workshops does not give them the right to claim that they are yoga teacher. It makes me feel that everyone does not take yoga as a serious career and all they only think about flexibility. This motivates me to sign up for the 200hr teacher training in Tirisula yoga and the feeling plus experience is so different. The teaching and strength of a qualified teacher compared to normal teacher is mind blowing.
So, on towards my first week in Tirisula yoga. – To, me, it was so challenging. Like very very challenging !!! Every morning I have to wake up with my whole body aches but I know it is worth it. Day by bay, I can feel my strength improve. Especially when some of thw poses that needed a lot effort become effortless. I also learned a lot of information that you cannot gain from a normal yoga studio. In Tirisula, finally I learnt what is yoga? Yoga is a unity of soul, body and mind. Yoga is in our everyday life. It teaches us how to practice self discipline, contentment, self study, non-violent, surrender and so on.
Ashtanga yoga’s practice can be divided into 8 primary limbs. These 8 limbs can be said as the main pillars in Ashtanga yoga. By understanding these fundamental pillars, I finally understand that yoga is not about flexible bodies, or challenging poses. It is everything related to our life. For instance, yama talks about ethical standards and focusing on our behaviors how e live in our life which in turn teaches us values like non violent (ahimsa), not hurting others by thought, words, or actions, while niyama talks about self discipline where one should practice self hygiene, self-study (tapas), contentment and perseverance. I never knew that yoga is so complicated until now. I will try my best to apply these values into my daily life.

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