Tat pratisedha artham eka tattva abhyasah I.32

“Enjoy and aware the moment”like focus on what you do, be present. Every time has his moment and every moment has his time. Every time you are aware of something, you take part of the action by living it.
Make the mind one-pointed, training it how to focus on a single principle or object.Remember one truth or one object. Principle of focus on one point to avoid the mind to be distracted and to prevent or deal with these nine obstacles( physical illness, tendency of the mind to not work efficiently, doubt or indecision, lack of attention to pursuing the means of samadhi, laziness in mind and body, failure to regulate the desire for worldly objects, incorrect assumptions or thinking, failing to attain stages of the practice, and instability in maintaining a level of practice once attained.) and  their four consequences (1) mental or physical pain, 2) sadness or dejection, 3) restlessness, shakiness, or anxiety, and 4) irregularities in the exhalation and inhalation of breath.).

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