Of tapas, santosha and samadhi~

Yoga philosophy
Yoga has the union between body mind and soul. I totally agree.
And though I view yoga philosophy as adding labels to concepts that I am already aware of it it still nonetheless ‘helpful’
I will always remember my mantra which is “finding santosha in tapas”
I am one of those crazees that has insanely huge dreams and am probably one of the idiots that strive to bring it into reality.
To be able to gym, yoga , aerial, work and still control my diet daily is no easy task. The first few days of the ttc I really wanted to faint. And the slowly my body starts to adapt to the training.
Some consider my acts ahimsa. But when is it do you draw the line”?
Ballet to the majority out there is considered ahimsa. It is the most deformed form of beauty and yet the dancers revel in it. Yoga asanas are not really ahimsas because they find center and balance within the poses. For me I would stretch my limbs beyond their capacity because I wanted so badly that hypermobility.
Ahimsa thus then vary from individuals. It is naught but another faint grey line . And if I were to continuously put my body through ‘ahimsa’ I’m a sense it becomes tapas a form of discipline and passion. And when there’s discipline you see results and one would end with santosha.
This the cycle continues and continues.
A interesting figure I read about was Heidi Sormaz. she was one of the top 21 yoga teacher under 40 published by yoga journal. Sormaz grew up as a ballerina and battled eating disorder. She practiced Iyengar and Ashtanga and eventually found herself with more injuries because she pushed too hard. Her realization ” our thoughts are our biggest barriers and we are all g with dealing our healing” and ultimately 4 days before the ttc course ended. I found my voice in this field “to encourage compassion and contentedness, ease suffering and awaken us to our interconnectedness”
Always challenge oneself to look inside and thus my mantra
Om Namah shivaya gurave
Saccidanda mutay
Nisprapancaya shantaya
Niralambaya tejase
Hari Om

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