Take your blinkers off

 Everywhere you look, such intricate design
We’re all surrounded by such obvious signs
The spider’s web that covers the grass
There’s beauty in a blade of grass
The sound, the stem, the butterfly
With nature there is just no lies
Where did they all come from
To fit together this wondrous song
A flower is so perfect, but what’s it meant to be
A piece of nature so beautiful, that’s free for all to see
The colours of the rainbow, reflect your every mood
So next time you’re out, notice them and don’t be rude
Respect the ants that is their home you’re sitting on for lunch
And if you meet an insect don’t let it end in crunch
Everything is beautiful and has a right to life
So take care of the little things, I promise you’ll feel nice
If you accidentally squash something, then don’t forget to say
I hope you have a happy life when born another day

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