Yoga Articles

Learning from Teaching Yoga

When I started to teaching Yoga with some of my neighbours, I felt that it is easier to be a student than teacher. Confidence – when I teach the first Yoga class, I keep ask myself, am I ready to teach others? It was super nervous to speak in front

Yoga in my life

When I want to learn Yoga, I did not expected how it will impact my life. As a student for 2-3 years, I did not face any challenge feeling during Yoga class. As beginner, I was so envy that other classmate can do the perfect poses so easily. I cant

Stamina, Strength, Flexibility

In our first YTT lesson, we learned that yoga improves not only flexibility; we work on stamina, strength, and of course stretching. Since starting YTT in July, I have noticed improvement in all three of these ways, in body and in mind. Stamina is defined in the Oxford English dictionary

Sutra Neti – A cleansing Kriya I wish I discovered earlier

I have been plagued with persistent non-allergic rhinitis since I can remember. I get flare ups ever so often; 3-4 times a week. The perpetual sneezing, runny nose, blocked nose, accompanied with coughs, sore throats, headaches and puffy eyes; it is disruptive, so bothersome and oh-so-tiring. The only solution was

Something about yoga practisers

You thought those yoga practisers are only slim lovely girls. Actually they can rise up a bucket of water. They have power due to daily 1-2 hours yoga practise.   You thought those yoga practisers don’t like delicious food. Actually kitchen is their paradise. They love all kinds of food

Yoga – The Mother of All Sports

Imagine the frustration that minutes into playing a normal sport or practicing a martial art technique that you have already sprained your ankle, wrist or any particular muscle. The futile out-of-breath experience after running 200m into your 5K jog routine. It is getting common in modern urban societies where most

Life around Chakras

By Harsh Thakkar We are living in the age of data. Yet there are so many things around us that we know nothing or very little about. Back in the stone age when the Neanderthal man did not know or understand something, he looked at stars to see signs to

AI-assisted Yoga

“Bixby, I want to practice Vinyasa flow today.” “Bixby, I’m feeling a bit stiff, let’s try some Yin yoga stretch.” “Bixby, tell me the third precepts of Niyama?” “Bixby, can you play some music for meditatition?” These are just some the questions or instructions that human can tell to the

You should practice yoga when these symptoms appear in your body.

Yoga is really amazing! Yoga is a good way to recuperate the body. If those symptoms appear in your body, it’s telling you that you need yoga! stiffer limb When you feel your limb always in a stiff state and become very inflexible. Even feel very painful and difficult when

Inversion Poses

Yoga Poses – Inversion Yoga inversion poses are Asanas (yoga poses) where feet are raised above the head like headstand (Salamba Sirsasana) or shoulder stand (Salamba Sarvangasana). Practicing inversion poses helps us to see our world in a different angle, an angle that we hardly see; upside down. The concept behind