Yoga Selfies

Yoga Selfies

Are Yoga selfies cultivating feelings of friendliness, calling for validations, tempting injuries or mocking ancient practice?

In posting a photo and inadvertently seeking friend’s and followers’ fanfare, it abolishes yoga’s original purpose.

One may question the true intention.

A competition for an extreme asana against a stunning backdrop?
To be a winner in the latest craze of anasas challenges?
Affirmation for the asanas we practice so hard to perfect?
Yogis who are simply displaying their love for asanas?

Where we should be exploring the depths of the Self, we are instead demanding attention to our outward form.
Are we are doing a disservice to yoga by putting these pictures out there. It’s showy and basically everything that the practice is not supposed to be about — “Look at me and these awesome poses I can do!”

While we can argue that these pictures can be used as teaching tools, for self improvement or simply an art form. Evidently, it’s hard not to be impressed by the complicated and sophisticated asanas.             

Debatable topic this is, I find myself sitting on the fence for this one. Personally, I get inspired by some of these pictures, at the same time, the narcissistic nature of selfies makes me wonder if the yoginis get much Santosha from it.    

Yoga selfies, yay or nay?

Lyndalou (200hr Yoga TTC, 07/14, weekend)