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Starting Phase 2 of My Life with Yoga !

Starting Phase 2 of My Life with Yoga ! When a child, I was a chubby girl who always felt that my arms were very weak. I could not even hold my school bag. I would mostly avoid strenuous exercise with my arms as they would pain afterwards. My mother

Reflecting and resetting my knowledge of Yoga

I was introduced to yoga at least a decade ago. To me, Yoga was then considered as a mild exercise regime with movements incorporated with breathing techniques. Fast forward, it has somehow become a habit for me to go for yoga classes in hope to increase flexibility, stamina and strength.

Yoga for beginners

by Harsh Thakkar When we grow up, as humans we start taking things for granted. Small miracles which power our everyday life are still happening with the same frequency and un-mindfulness at which they used to happen when one is born. For instance, you still are involuntarily breathing – without


I started yoga in my late 20s simply as a fitness regime. I hated the high-energy gym classes where personal trainers yelled at their students to “motivate” them, and was immediately drawn to the soothing energy in a yoga class. Even so, for the first year of my yoga experience,