Yoga Fashion

Every morning I seem to fret about in my room picking what to wear for my yoga class. No matter how many pairs of yoga pants, yoga tops, and all those dri-fit sports bras, I seem to always find excuses to go and buy another one. Truth is I just want to look as good doing yoga as I am doing other activities outside and I want my yoga wear to give me as much comfort when I am bending and twisting (more importantly when those sweat start pouring out). I still love doing my yoga wear shopping and here are some advice I would give to newbies of yoga… 

– Try them on! Really this is a must, more often you get lazy and think that they will fit you fine at home, but those price tags are going to haunt you down when you realize that they are non-refundable and you finally put them on just before your yoga class… and they’re too tight.

– Drawstring? Yes or no? well I personally don’t like them but it’s important that the waist is not too tight on me because I need something that I can actually breath in. So make sure the waistband gives enough room when you bend, sit, and twist. (Yes its ok to do this while trying them on)

– Get something with nylon in the fabric composition. 100% cotton feels more comforting on the skin however you need the nylon for greater elasticity and it will also dry faster. No sweat patches…

– Bra cups, ok unless you can get away without wearing a sports bra underneath your yoga top, then get something with a detachable bra cup. Those attachable ones will get tangled in your washing machine and soon enough you’ll lose one or two without realizing it… until you face yourself in the mirror and realized something does not look right…

– Get in the details, sometimes you see a top with a unique cut, paneling and details around the neck and underarm, but be careful those ones are usually the ones that will mostly irritate your skins when you twist, bend and move your arms around. I always go with the simpler designs because I’d like to play it a bit safe with my yoga wear.

– Light coloured pants: you’d think they’re ok when you tried them at 5 am in the morning, but when you get to your yoga class and the teacher turns on the light, you realize uh-oh you can see a lot of things you don’t want others to see. So either go for darker colors, or go with prints.

– No loose tops or baggy trousers… I mean don’t wear anything too loose, you will do a lot of inversions, and it will get pretty annoying when you have to pull down your singlet every few seconds.

– Avoid unnecessary accessories, zippers, buttons, clip-ons, anything that needs to be attached, most likely they will irritate/scrape against your skin after doing many motions of movements. So get something easy to get in without any fuss.

– Invest, ok more often I am guilty of buying too many cheaper options of yoga wear until I realized down the line that the ones I spent a little bit more are the ones that stay in shape after many washes. Yes spend a bit more on yoga wear they will last longer along the way. 

– It is still ok to buy your yoga tops and pants from any of those active sports brands. Yes sometimes you want to buy something with little less neon stripes, or looking too sporty, but the fact is those brands have some of the best technologies in fabric composition and technicalities so always mix up your yoga wear.

– Lastly…have fun. Yoga is about working your body and your mind. Cleansing internally and externally, mentally and physically after all those hard movements and sweat, you want to make sure you still look good right?

 Emmelyn – 200 HR