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The basics of mastery

(No) Thanks to social media, everyone and their yoga buddy seems bent on nailing some fanciful asana or its variations. “I’m working towards xx arm balance/ inversion/ funky something etc”. Today’s Power flow, Vinyasa and other themed classes are often planned around a peak pose, feeding the desire to glam

Utthita Hasta Padangustasana

Pronounced: utt-HEE-tuh AH-stuh PAH-DAHN-goo-St-HAH-suh-nuh This pose is a powerful one, and one I always anticipate when doing the primary series.  It’s the first posture that requires 3 things of the body; strength, flexibility, and balance.  It’s the pose that distinguishes the regular practitioners and the casual student.  It tests your

What has happened to Yoga now?

Yoga, traditionally, is an individual practice. Even if the yogi is to learn from a Guru, the guru will not spoon feed you and tell you instructions on how to do the asanas or pranayama. For Ashtanga Yoga, in Mysore (a place in India), no instructions are given during the

Meniscus and lotus pose

Knee pain problem is very common especially for marathon runners &  elderly people. Of course, there are also other groups of people which I did not mention here. Majority of the people complaint about the pain in their knee which is the medial side of the knee. However, there are a minority

Beginner ( first timer) lesson plan

5 min: Introduce your self Ask for medical history, not feeling well 20 min: Do OM X3; explain OM It is believed to be the basic sound of the universe, the cosmic vibration and contains all other sounds. When repeated correctly it penetrates all and creates harmony and unity with

YOGASANA – the elixir* of life

Yogasana is the ultimate workout A wonderful elixir without a doubt With deep breathing and own body weight To increase circulation and oxygen intake With the breath, pranic energy** is introduced Penetrating the cells and fatigue is reduced This vital energy is the source For awakening the dormant spiritual force

Extended hand-toe pose

This post is written by a 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training student, Nancy. I’ve just posted it on her behalf. Here is goes: Utthita Hasta Pandangusthasana, Extended hand-toe pose. Translations: Utthita: extended Hasta: hand Pada : foot Angusta: big toe Asana: Pose Level: intermediate Actions: The upper body: the spine is

Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Stick Pose)

Chaturanga (chatur=four; anga=limb; danda=staff, stick) is an excellent pose to build awareness of the muscles that support and stabilize our shoulder blades. It is also an excellent core exercise to prepare us for more challenging arm balances. Benefits are as follows: –   Strengthen the legs, buttocks, back, abs, shoulders, arms,