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Chaturanga dandasana: Simple but challenging

Chaturanga dandasana is an often practiced but frequently under-appreciated asana in yoga. In my own experience, I had been practicing yoga for several years before I had a teacher spend time in class to break down the pose and explain all the parts that go into getting it right. Before

Vrkshasana (tree pose)

Going with the theme of Isvara Pranidhana of the 8 limbs(as explained in the previous blog posts), I have decided to choose Vrkshasana as a reminder of our connection to the earth and surrendering ourselves to the universe.   HOW TO DO VRKSHASANA STEP 1: Tadasana Before we get into

Let’s talk about Downward Dog

There is that one yoga pose that will always be in your yoga classes, no matter how difficult the class is i.e. beginner or intermediate level and that is the Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose). This pose got its name as it looks like a dog stretching. It

Yoga Asanas for Digestion

Since young, my digestion had always been sluggish with irregular bowel movement. My stomach used to be really bloated even as a kid, my mom told me our family doctor once asked me if I put a balloon inside my tummy when I was four or five years old. Since


Sirsasana or headstand is a pose that predominantly uses isometric contraction as the muscles contract to stabilize the body. In this pose the prime mover is the serratus anterior, shown in the image in red. This muscle originates from the ribs and inserts in the scapula with contraction drawing the

Getting Into Navasana

While seated on mat, lean body back along median plane Flex at hips to raise legs off ground along median plane Body should now be in a V shape Flex at shoulders to raise arms along median plane, to a parallel position with the floor  

Getting Into Baddha Konasana

Sit with legs out along median plane Lateral rotation of both thighs to bring legs away from median plane Bringing both soles along the transverse plane towards each other, place heels close to the groin. Press soles of feet together. Extend spine up along the coronal plane. With back straight,

How to get into virabhadrasana II

Although it looks that warrior II is a very simple pose, to pose it in a correct alignment and hold for 2 to 3 minutes, is a very hard work. Because each muscle and joint below the waist, around the shoulders, around upper back and upper arms is keenly engaged

Yoga and Psoas Major

Psoas Major Psoas major is a polyarticular muscle, which runs inside body from lower back bone to its forward inward downward direction, front inner thigh bone, by crossing over pelvis. On its way, Psoas major combinds with Iliacus to form Iliopsoas. Actions of Psoas major are flexion and external rotation