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Uddiyana Bandha or “Stomach Lock”

Uddiyana Bandha or “Stomach Lock” So we assembled, definitely in need of coffee and feeling rather thirsty. We were going to learn to perform uddiyana bandha, also known as the “abdominal lock”. It’s best done on an empty stomach, preferably first thing in the morning (but after you’ve gone to


By Ly Nguyen 200hr Weekday May’ 2014   Before comming to “200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training”, I really don’t know how breathing is important of  in our life ? Then I have studied about Uddiyana Bandha which is one of breating I like the best. do you know why ? –

Anatomy: Uddiyana Bandha

The idea of performing Uddiyana Bandha or even watching someone else perform it may be fairly repulsive for many people. Even for yoga beginners like myself, my first encounter with a live demonstration was nothing short of digust. I thought it’d be more befitting for a contortionist in training, rather