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Training – Through Spiritual Discipline

Yama. Niyama. Dharana. Dhyana. Sadhana. Management of life. Purity of being. Concentration. Meditation. Discipline.   Teacher Sree always said that he’s not a yogi. A yogi lives and breathes yoga. He’s chill. He practices and teaches yoga. Note to self: no self-proclamation. Understanding the 5 aspects above helped me see

Understand and Adapt to the Global Shifts

Understand and Adapt to the Global Shifts By Joy Guru Paalu Ramasamy Global Shift No. 1: Digital Shift. Mobile and effective devices would make computing and business more personal and social. Global Shift No. 2: Manpower de-stablization. Indians, Chinese, Africans, Brazilians, people from all corners of the world would test,