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Analysis of Halasana

Halasana also known as the plough pose.Hala meaning “Plough” and Asana = “posture”. It is can also be called a forward bend while lying on your back which helps to strength the spine and make it more flexible. It is usually done as a continuation of Sarvangasana (shoulder stand). Benefits

Yoga, Sama and the Spine

Spine in sama is when the spine is in line and taking its natural curve. The spine needs to be practice towards the state of sama as the “conditioned” spine is not yet there. So what is sama and what are the natural curves of the spine? The meaning of

Yoga and the spine

Recently a friend of mine had major back surgery, and complained to me that his functionality didn’t seem to be improving. I asked if he had been given any basic exercises to help improve his mobility during his recovery and he said he hadn’t. I felt sure yoga could help