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Why the rest of the world embraces yoga more than Indians?

The wave in the past two years has been shifting and more Indians are getting into practicing yoga. But before this I often used to wonder , Why the disinterest? But I guess being an Indian I can answer it the best ( at least I hope so) Things closest

Meditation.Self Journey

For me yoga was always about physical practice. I have never done meditation at home and was skipping that “boring part of yoga” in yoga classes. But after some time, part of me has developed feeling that I maybe missing something. So when I signed up for Tirisula yoga teacher

Self awareness – Who are you in yoga

I was told by Master Paalu that the way a person practices yoga tells a lot about the person. Are you someone that rushes into a pose, or someone that practices yoga as if you were entering into a yoga competition? Or perhaps you are somebody that forces yourself into