My Yogic Life with Sattvic Ahara

There is a point at everyone’s life where you feel that life has become stereotype and there is a major change required. Me along with my family has been feeling this from quite a while and has been planning something in our life since long time. The current life we are having is amazing, satisfying with no complains to offer. These has been amazing 12 years in Singapore and we have got to live more than we could have expected from this Life.

The decisions to make changes to your good going schedules aren’t easy, it really has to be a lot of give and takes. Obliviously, same is my condition and there were lot of gives and takes that we finalised, agreed on and among many of them one of the crucial decision of ours – as in, my husband and mine , is to stay near to the nature. We are among the gifted few who are part of the family who has been closer to the nature since long and we thought this is the time we re-establish that connection.

There comes my Part where I want not just nurture the environment around me but also something within me and I thought Yoga would be the right way to start with. Hence, I started my journey with Yoga a Year back by joining an hourly class daily. With growing confidence I thought it is the right time to move on the next stage of Yoga and start learning more about it , and be a instructor. This is where I have joined Tirisula and the plan is to complete this course and move on to the advanced courses and make Yoga not just a daily schedule but way or part of my Life.

Living a Yogic Life is definitely not easy and I know its just a decision we have made, it comes with lot of discipline that needs to be practiced and one such discipline which I believe I am moving towards is the diet. The Hindu culture to which I belong the core diet has been always something similar to Sattvic Ahara. For eg, during the fasting of Navratra (09 days), Chaturmas (04 months) – Hindus does eat a Sattvic diet. However, over the period of time this has changed and we have got fusion foods introduced in our daily meals. While we know they are good , but on a long run they are not helpful for our body. There are multiple reasons why we are not able to maintain these type of diet , could be due to busy schedules we have, and other factors like availability or the cost of the organic food.

The core principle of the Yogic diet is Vegetarian or Vegan as this doesn’t include harm to animals. It includes having food which are necessary for your Physical and mental needs. There are three primary type of foods that are referred in Yoga – Sattvic, Rajas and the Tamas.

Tamasic: This food type includes something which has been seen in everyone’s food style now a days. These are potentially overcooked, packaged, preserved and deep-fried. Alcohol ingestion is also considered to be Tamasic. These food items are considered to be heavy for digestion and cause blockages. Habit of overeating is considered to be Tamasic.

Rajasic:  These food types are usually referred to something which is energetic and overstimulating. They tend to make people hyperactive causing restlessness or insomnia. These are the food types like meat, fish, coffee, sweet, chocolates , spices etc. It also include more sour, spicy, oily, salty food items. Type of eating habit like eating in a hurry is also considered as Rajasic.

Sattvic: These are considered to be core organic food which promotes pure, life giving food. These food items include fruits, juices, vegetables , grains, nuts ,  Honey  – all of these should be organically grown. These food is considered to be easy to digest. Eating slowly, chewing and enjoying every bite is considered to be Sattvic.

With this, I felt Sattvic Bhojan is something we had been following from long time but has considerably changed due to environment around us and I believe that with my journey towards Yoga I will be gradually moving towards Sattvic diet.

Hopefully, you will find more about my Sattvic Bhojan plan in my next blog !

My go-to Sattvic breakfast as a Vata

A Vata is made up of the element of air. We Vatas are known to be free-spirited, energetic and can embrace changes easily. However, Vata personalities can also be forgetful, anxious, and often suffer with constipation and poor circulation.

Some of the Vata aggravating foods include frozen dessert (I love my ice cream!), junk food, alcohol, sugar and tea such as green tea. Vata can be counterbalanced with nutritive and tissue-building foods that are warm, moist, heavy, soft and oily, as well as foods with a sweet, sour and salty taste. Vata pacifying foods include soft dairy products, wheat, rice, corn and bananas.

With a Sattvic diet in mind, where the diet is mostly organic and vegetarian, an ideal meal for a Vata includes a glass of warm milk with a slice of bread topped with sliced banana and nut butter, topping off with a dash of cinnamon. This Sattvic breakfast plan is fast and easy, which is a perfect way to start a Vata’s morning!

A Clean Stomach Is The Key to Enlightenment

Detoxify! Detoxify! Detoxify!

My Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, says that keeping our stomach clean is the key to establish ourselves in the ultimate understanding again and again.


With the divine blessings of My Guru, in December 2018, I have made a decision to change from a regular meat eating diet into a sattvic vegeterian diet and started my journey to build a yogic body through daily yoga, right sattvic diet and occasional detoxification through Nirahara Samyama.


The sattvic vegeterian diet has its own challenges. It wasn’t that I miss meat at all….it was more of a problem looking for pure sattvic food while we are eating outside. Little india area in Singapore is probably the only location in Singapore, where Sattvic Vegeterian food is readily available.


My new yogic lifestyle of starting my day with cleansing Kriyas, followed by physical Yoga in Brahma  Muhurta hours, together with Haritaki and Sattvic Diet has unlocked tremendous energy sources for me. On average, I sleep around 3 to 5 hours a day. I used to need 8 hours sleep and still felt sleepy, tired and drained out.


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