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My Yogic Life with Sattvic Ahara

There is a point at everyone’s life where you feel that life has become stereotype and there is a major change required. Me along with my family has been feeling this from quite a while and has been planning something in our life since long time. The current life we

My go-to Sattvic breakfast as a Vata

A Vata is made up of the element of air. We Vatas are known to be free-spirited, energetic and can embrace changes easily. However, Vata personalities can also be forgetful, anxious, and often suffer with constipation and poor circulation. Some of the Vata aggravating foods include frozen dessert (I love

A Clean Stomach Is The Key to Enlightenment

Detoxify! Detoxify! Detoxify! My Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, says that keeping our stomach clean is the key to establish ourselves in the ultimate understanding again and again.   With the divine blessings of My Guru, in December 2018, I have made a decision to change from a regular meat eating diet