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The benefits of yoga during my pregnancy

The benefits of yoga during my pregnancy I believe yoga significantly helped me progress through three pregnancies in five years with minimal discomfort. During the three trimesters I practiced yoga between one to three times per week and only ceased my practice two weeks prior to my due date. I’m convinced that my yoga practice prevented me from experiencing severe back pain, edema

Pregnancy and Feeling Good About It

During pregagncy the female body goes through immense changes. It is not only the body that changes but also the emotions, the sensitivity, even the mindset sometimes might change. However I think that your self confidence and self esteem does not have to change, or they can just change for

The miracle and indescribable first trimester during pregnancy

Week 4: Physical Changes to the body Stepping into week 4, the placenta has developed the major organs. Heart has reorganized into 4 chambers and start to pump blood. Lung, gastrointestinal system, kidneys, liver and pancreas as well as cartilage and skeleton are now present. The embryo has now grown

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