The CEO chakra – Manipura

What does the city of jewels, CEO’s and our body have in common? They are all connected with our third Chakra, the Manipura chakra.
The third chakra, Manipura, is located in the spine behind the navel. The word “mani” means gem and “pura” means city – city of jewels.
The element for this chakra is fire and it is shining as a jewel and filled with energy and vitality. The characteristics of this chakra is self oriented, dynamic, dominant with the will to rule and dominate and the ability to change and reform. The Manipura chakra is also filled with vision and ambition and therefore it may sometimes be called the CEO-chakra as it holds the characteristics of a successful CEO. The down part with the chakra is that the energy can sometime be canalized through despotism and to make use of people only to reach their own objectives.
As the chakra is located in our Solar Plexus region where our digestive process and food metabolism is managed, it is the chief over gastric gland, the pancreas, the gall bladder etc. Manipura controls our instinct to find food and to make sure we nurture ourselves and gives us better selfesteem.
The third chakra is also connected to the adrenal glands above the kidneys. Thanks to this the mind gets sharp and alert and the heart beats faster etc. The body gets prepared for a high level of activity and also for emergency situations, like the expression Fight and Flight. If you suffer from bad digestion and depression and are low in energy you should focus on this chakra. The Manipura chakra revilitizes, rejuvenates and releases the energy in you.

Manipura chakra 

The Manipura chakra with its 10 petals and its downward pointing triangle.