How do you get students to like your yoga class?

After experiencing teaching this morning (and from my experiences of being a yoga student for many years), I feel that the way an instructor conducts a class is the most important factor to enhance a student’s enjoyment, such as:

  1. Personality of the instructor (calm, soothing and reassuring, confident and approachable)
  2. Tone and voice of instructor (assertive yet encouraging, loud and clear voice)
  3. Overall pace of the lesson (comfortable, steady pace – students should be able to follow and still be challenged)
  4. Clear instructions that are easy to understand and follow (regardless of class type)
  5. Knowledge of teacher (able to provide information on certain asanas performed eg. how it aids digestion)
  6. Checking on individual student and making sure they are okay (and breathing)
  7. Flowing sequence and suitable asanas (students are physically challenged but not pushing them till there is risk of an injury)
  8. Flexibility of changing the lesson plan anytime (modify the postures accordingly for different students)

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