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200Hr Weekday (Jan/Feb 2014) – Lesson Plans

Hi yogis, Some lesson plan contributions for sharing! Marian Ang (200H Weekday) – Lesson Plans Angela Ognev (200H Weekday) – Lesson Plans (+ Back Bend Theme) Namaste, Marian Ang (200H Weekday, Jan/Feb ’14)  

Backbending (themed class) Lesson Plan

75 minutes approximately Introduction Sit, eyes closed, in butterfly, chest forward. Anahata chakra is located in your thoracic spine and translates to unstruck. This can mean that beneath our personal experiences of pain in our heart lies love and compassion. In today’s class we are going to be backbending. Backbending

Lesson plan: focus class – Hips

This lesson plan is for advanced beginners and intermediate students and focuses on stretching and strengthening the hips area.  Intro (5’) Introduce yourself Inquire about the students’ health and body conditions Remind students of the importance of breathing (Ujjayi) Few rounds of deep breathing to ground and center themselves  Warm

Lesson Plan- Advanced Yoga Class (by Adeline Choo)

Advanced Yoga Class (1.5 hour) 10 mins Warm-Up (10 mins) 20 mins 14 rounds of Sun Salutations with Different/ Modified Asanas for each set (2x each set) > Virabadhrasana I, II > Reverse Warrior > Parivrita Parshvakonasana with hands in prayer and extended > Side Planks > Virabadhrasana III >

Lesson Plan #1: Beginner (1.5 hours)

Lesson Plan #1 (1.5 hour) – Beginner Class Size: max. 10 students Objectives:  stretch hamstrings and spine, open hips, tone thighs and glutes, tone abs, lymphatic drainage  asanas with emphasis on correct alignment Asanas: Standing Padangusthasana, Pada Hastasana, Virabhadrasana I & II Sitting Paschimottanasana, Navasana, Baddha Konasana (bound

Lesson Plan – Building Up to Trikonasana

Introduction (3 min) The following lesson plan focuses on building flexibility and strength in the core to hold and position the body properly in Trikonasana, open up the hips so that the toes and kneecaps can be pointed in the correct directions, as well as increase flexibility in the back