Chakra galaxies

The chakras are the energy centers of our body. They are connected to our spinal cord and, on the physical plane, with different organs and parts of our body.

Whilst many people refer to the chakras as wheels or dots of energy, it is useful to visualise them as clouds or galaxies of energy. It entails several benefits:
– it gives a sense of dimension in space (3D perspective), whilst a wheel might cue a presence on a single plane only
– energy systems have boundaries that are less defined than what a wheel or dot suggest. Where does a cloud start? Where does it end?
– it illustrates the fact that chakras are constantly moving and shifting. They are very dynamic in nature and will their state will shift rapidly. They are vortices of energy, moving around a central axis, like galaxies do.
– they are complex systems, including sub dimensions and elements, like a galaxy would comprise several sun systems, each orbiting and moving within the parent system. This has been traditionally represented by the petals associated with each chakra symbol. For example, Muladhara, the root chakra located on the sacrum at the base of the spine, has 4 petals, ie 4 sub dimensions and qualities that will influence the overall dynamic and health of the chakra. When a sub system is unbalanced it will affect the overall balance of the chakra.
– as with any dynamic system, shifts are quite subtle and inter-related. This contrasts with some interpretations of the chakras that are quite  bipolar (chakra open vs close, positive vs negative rotation).
Overall analogies and metaphors are tools to help comprehension but they are limited in nature and nothing will beat one’s own experience of his/her own energy moving in the body, yet, till then, having relevant and powerful analogies can help grasp this complex and subtle subject a bit better. So when thinking about chakras, think about galaxies and how they move and influence your body and mental states.