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Food for thought

The nutrition is directly linked to the performance of asanas and our lifestyle in general. The yogi diet is based on Ayurvedic teachings. Some products are strictly forbidden by them, others are consumed in small quantities and in a certain period of time, and third yogis eat constantly. Three types

The Three Gunas and The Yogi Diet

What are the three Gunas The three Gunas are fundamental attributes that creates the essential aspects of all nature – energy, matter and consciousness. All three gunas are always present and varies in their relative amounts. Each of us have the unique ability to consciously alter the levels of the

Why eat meat?

I grew up as a vegetarian.  My mom had a strict no-meat-in-the-house policy and we all honored it.  Growing up, I remember eating a lot of beans and rice, broccoli and peanut butter satay, dahl, and tofu.  Because we lived in a small town in northern Michigan, we didn’t have