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Yoga or Pilates?

For many people , Yoga and Pilates look very similar – there are no power or cardio loads, exercises are performed slowly and consciously , with calm music. Pilates and yoga are wellness systems that include exercises to develop flexibility, endurance, and concentration. Regular exercises tidy up the body, allow

In Search of A Good Massage

We decided to move back to Australia after my daughter was born.  Since then, I have been looking forward to starting a new life in a foreign country. As we settle down here, it eventually sits in me that this is not like Singapore where we can get almost anything

My Mother-In-Law

Every married women will very likely cringe whenever the term “mother-in-law” is brought up in any conversation.  I am one of those lucky ones to have a lovely mother-in-law who is very independent despite being sickly. She is 78 years old this year and was a nurse who did her

The 5 must-have’s to be a good Pilates instructor

So you want to be a Pilates instructor? I do. That is why I am doing the 80hr program now. I am just half way through. For the little time that I have been trained as an instructor, there are a few things specific to Pilates that come to light.

Yoga or Pilates? To be or not to be? That is the question

I have been practicing Yoga for a long time and have been certified as a yoga instructor for 5 years. I am now getting my certification in Pilates training. So have I finally converted? I am not going into the technical difference between these two disciplines. I am sure there