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Towards a Better Frog – A Technical Analysis

   Frog on the ledge, contemplating life [1] Ah, downward facing frog. So deceptively simple. So excruciatingly painful. The thought of sitting through another minute of it makes me consider just ending it all.  Does absolute wonders for your hips though.   Frog Pose – Overview Not to be confused

How can yoga help with menopause?

Symptoms of menopause vary significantly in duration and severity from one woman to the other. They are generally linked to declining levels of estrogen and other hormones. It takes time for the body to adjust to those changes. And during this transition, symptoms can be quite debilitating both physically and

Universal Law of Attraction with Kundalini Awakening

Like Karma, what goes around comes around. The Law of Attraction works on our mental ability. It uses the power of our minds to manifest things and translate whatever we are focusing on to materialize them into reality. It could be anything such as money, job, love, health or relationship.

A Chakra Sequence

How can we balance the Chakras…   As I believe I need to balance my chakras as I guess there’s no harm in doing so. What would be the easiest way to do so?  There is of course meditation but as I am a very restless soul I find it

Anatomy and asana – Vriksasana (Tree pose)

The tree pose is one of the first pose that drawn me into yoga. Although it is not part of the Asthanga serie, it is an emblematic pose worth noting and exploring. I appreciate the contrast of strength and balance which is needed to hold the pose and the gracefulness


After a few days on the mat, things are supposed to get better, but is it really the case? The body is feeling sore, and during Asanas each diificulty gives the mind an opportunity to jump in and challenge the situation. ‘I can’t do this’…, – just breathe and move

Tiramisu- love diet

Similar to all asanas, there are different recipes on bakings to cater for beginners. Below is a very simple tiramisu recipe which I learnt while staying in Italy for a year & it tastes fabulously.Two different recipes are featured below and they are so simple that even young kids can join in

Beginners class #1

By Elaine Ee Beginners Yoga: Lesson Plan #1 Intro: My name is Elaine, I’m going to be your yoga guide for the next 60 minutes. This is a beginners’ yoga class and today we are going to learn some basic yoga poses and movements, focusing on alignment, breath and working

Asanas and adjustments

Some photos during the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Course… Create your own video slideshow at

Lesson Plan – Building Up to Trikonasana

Introduction (3 min) The following lesson plan focuses on building flexibility and strength in the core to hold and position the body properly in Trikonasana, open up the hips so that the toes and kneecaps can be pointed in the correct directions, as well as increase flexibility in the back