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Practical Application of the 3 Gunas in Food and Dating

“Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War The three Gunas describes 3 basic qualities or tendencies that groups states (harmony, activity, chaos), attitudes (positivity, self-centeredness, apathy) and dispositions (peacefulness, dynamism, ignorance) that is generally encountered together in daily life. This system provides

Food for thought

The nutrition is directly linked to the performance of asanas and our lifestyle in general. The yogi diet is based on Ayurvedic teachings. Some products are strictly forbidden by them, others are consumed in small quantities and in a certain period of time, and third yogis eat constantly. Three types

How to include yoga in our daily routine – Part 1

For years, I have always felt good and at peace after each yoga practice and I think that is what yoga is about. It was only until this course that I realized there is much more than asanas! Hence, I would definitely like to add more yoga into my daily

The Three Gunas and The Yogi Diet

What are the three Gunas The three Gunas are fundamental attributes that creates the essential aspects of all nature – energy, matter and consciousness. All three gunas are always present and varies in their relative amounts. Each of us have the unique ability to consciously alter the levels of the

The Three Gunas

Written by Kyra Clarke with inputs from Master Paalu The Three Gunas have been defined as ‘the three fundamental qualities’ (A Sanskrit-English Dictionary 1866). That is, they are the fundamental ways of characterising people, foods, etc. These characteristics are present in all of us in different quantities and degree, combining to

What is Yoga from the perspective of the 3 Gunas?

According to Vedic perspective, all of material nature (Prakriti) is thought to be made up of three primary qualities or “gunas.” These three gunas make up the essential aspects of all nature—energy, matter and consciousness. These qualities of nature, or gunas, are: Sattva – the power of harmony, balance, light