A Sweeter Shavasana

In the middle of a tough yoga session, I liked to count down to the last pose – Shavasana (Corpse Pose). I used to think this is the easiest pose as I often find myself asleep in the middle of the studio or I find myself entrenched in my thoughts, forbidding clarity and relaxation to sink in. As I deepened my practice, I realized Shavasana is the simplest yet the most difficult yoga postures of all. Where do I find the right balance between effort and non-effort to achieve conscious relaxation? Looking back at the days where I practiced superficial urban yoga pursued after a long day at work, I was guilty of skipping Shavasana just to get into the shower before everyone. Caught in the high-strung corporate world, I didn’t know how to appreciate the beauty of relaxation. Perhaps Shavasana is what I needed for clarity and balance in those stressful days. Fast-forwarding to the reality today, the climb to the top of that stressful corporate ladder is long gone. I no longer need to rush to the shower or beat the traffic to get into the office. I should be able to allow myself time to finish off my practice with a relaxing shavasana. Yet I find myself stressed-out at Shavasana, already thinking ahead of my day. Where do I find that balance?
Yoga Nidra – I found a sweeter Shavasana through Yoga Nidra. Its restorative yet keeping me conscious as I channel my awareness through different parts of my body with the guided relaxation – I often come out in a state of bliss.

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