Tejal weekday- 200 hr
Swadhyaya – is going inwards. You first have to know yourself and understand your self.
Do I know my body ? Do I know my breath ?
Do I know how my body moves or does not move in some asanas .How my breath gets short after 10 sun salutations. Know when my body is tired and I should not be pushing it. How can I flow with my breath and go deeper into a pose – even if it is just one millimetre !! Am I able to use my breath to remove the tightness I am experiencing in my lower back. Can I elongate my exhalations in my yoga . Can I feel my muscles contracting and expanding in the various asanas. Do I enjoy the release I feel in my body when I am stretching my body. Am I enjoying my Ujjhai breath in this moment. Do I like some asana because they are easy for me to get !! Do I avoid some asanas because I am not good at them.
So many things I get to learn about my body and breath when I do my yoga practice.
Do I know my mind ?.
How does my mind react in different situations ? We all have challenges and issues in our daily life. We have our share of anger,frustrations, comparison , fears and anxiety ! After all We are all human!
When do I get angry, when do I feel hurt ? Can I change my reaction to the situation ? Does that help me ? Does it make it easier ? Do I need to change my view on this person ? Does the problem lie in my expectations ? Can I change them ? Can I detach my self and view the person or situation ?
Wow! There are sooooo many things that I need to know learn about my self , this is just the beginning of my learning.