The forth Niyama, Swadhaya – According to Patanjali, in order to obtain a greater understanding of ones true being, the study of scriptures is very important.
I love reading! For me, reading texts and books gives me new ideas and new perspectives on life and my purpose. I have found that most of the time I grow and learn so much about myself by the time i finish reading a book. There are times I don’t always agree with, or completely agree with everything I read. But by reading it, it makes me think about what I do believe in and agree with. I once read a quote that i really like about Swadhaya but i don’t remember who it is from….Swadhaya is a process of seeing our own consciousness.
I have found practicing self study through daily meditation, has given and continues to give me the chance to become aware of and reflect on my strengths and weaknesses and to look at my personality. Doing this allows me to watch my actions and reactions in all different circumstances with mindfulness and more awareness. Self study has allowed me to grow and to honour my true self.
An example of when I have practiced Swadhaya was when i became vegetarian. After reading about the lifestyle choice in texts, I implemented it into my life. Having worked in the fitness industry for a few years, I have tried many different “diets” and found that non of them made me feel good mentally, emotionally or physically. I often reflect and observe my body since making the change to vegetarian and I always feel so great. I have an abundance of energy, my insides love me for always providing nutritious fuel, and I feel balanced.
Study, when it is developed to the highest degree, brings one closer to higher forces that promote understanding of the most complex. The Yoga Sutras 11:44
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