Surya Namaskar

Asana is a complete sport.
Each pose engages many muscles. The longer you will keep the pose, the more your muscles will be engaged and built.
After a few weeks of practicing, the body starts to change. You gain in flexibility, your muscles are stronger, your body is lighter and you have a better posture.
Each pose has a specified beneficial result on your body: balance, digestion, blood pressure, nervous system…
Vinyasa yoga, in which movement is synchronized to the breath, is a term that covers a broad range of yoga classes. This style is sometimes also called flow yoga, because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance. The breath acts as an anchor to the movement as you to flow from one pose to the next in time with an inhale or an exhale.
The Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) is a sequence in 12 steps that you can practice every morning and the benefits are numerous.
• Tones up the digestive system by the alternate stretching and compression of abdominal organs. It activates digestion and gets rid of constipation and dyspepsia.
• Strengthens abdominal muscles.
• Thoroughly ventilates the lungs, and oxygenates the blood.
• Acts as detoxifying agent, by getting rid of enormous quantity of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases.
• Promotes sleep and calms anxiety.
• Tones up the nervous system and improves memory.
• Normalizes the activity of the endocrine glands – especially the thyroid gland.
• Refreshes the skin and prevents skin disorders.
• Improves muscle flexibility.
• Prevents loss of hair and graying.
• Helps reduce fat.
• Lends grace and ease of movements to the body.
• Revives and maintains the spirit of youthfulness.
• Makes the spine and waist flexible.
• Produces health, strength, efficiency and longevity.
But you shouldn’t do if you are pregnant, if you hernia, slipped disk, severe heart problem, spinal, back injury and severe high blood pressure.
The practicing of Pranayama (breathing process) helps you to clean your body and purify it. Some exercises will reduce your body temperature and have a positive effect on the endocrine glands and nervous system.
My daily life is to wake up my body with the Kapalbhati and go to the yoga studio for 1hour of practicing.
200Hr YTT – Vinyasa Flow (Weekend)

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