The surprising things I learnt during the 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Course

The most important thing to me when I began studying for the 200 TTC at Tirisula Yoga was that I get a certificate at the end of the course. The psychical training that we went through in the first week was intense and exhausting, the second week was intellectually challenging for me and the third and fourth week have really challenged the way that I see the world and approach things. At times the course has been one of the most challenging things I have done in my life, so as I have progressed I’ve been very unsure as to if I will pass or not. However, the more I have learnt the more I have realised that being given a certificate is not the most important outcome.

What I have learnt from Master Paalu and Master Wei Ling over the last few weeks is far more important to me than a certificate. I have learnt how to look at myself and my habits and behaviours more objectively. This is because of the way that Master Paalu has explained the science of yoga, the way that the world is structured and the way that energy flows.

When I began the course my aim was to learn from the Masters how to get better at different postures in yoga. But after studying yoga intensely for four weeks I understand that postures are only a very small part of the much bigger picture. I now understand that the science of yoga is not about achieving perfectly aligned postures, rather it is focused on achieving clarity of the mind so that the thought process is purer and from that you are able to achieve more than you previously knew was possible. The postures are just a very small part of this, the aim of achieving perfectly aligned postures is to develop awareness and ultimately stillness in the body, only then can you achieve stillness in the mind. Once you have stillness in the mind you will have the capability to make well informed, structured decisions and act accordingly.

So as our exam approaches I am still anxious as to if I will pass or not and the certificate is of course still important to me but what is far more important is the way I have been taught to view the world and to view myself. I can see myself more subjectively and with practice I will be able to look at things differently which will help me make more useful, better informed, clearer decisions in my life and this is far more important to me than a certificate.

Gemma (200 Hr TTC May 2017)

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