Sufi Grind – Kids




  1. Sit in Easy Pose with hands on your knees. Hip bones are grounded to the mat, tail bone slightly tucked in, back is straight and sit tall.


  1. Move the torso in a circular motion like a belly dancer, using your heart centre to draw big circles, grind your hips, trying not to move the head and shoulders. Inhale as you rotate forward. Lean over your right knee, arch your spine slightly, slowly move chin away from the chest and grind towards your left knee.



  1. Exhale as you rotate back. Once you go over the left knee start to round your spine slightly and slowly bring your chin towards the chest and bring your body to the right to come back.

For video instruction, clink the link below



Aids digestion, flexibility in the spine and relaxes hip joints.


Muscles Engaged




Spinal issues, neck and back injuries


 Jo – Sep 2014/200hr weekday YTT

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