How I Stumbled Into Yoga

Wow, this might be the first time I’m sharing the deep insights on why and how I found yoga.

I’ve always been really active and used to play for team sports in my schools since I was 13. At 21, studying part-time in university and working full-time didn’t give me a lot of time to commit to play in team sports anymore. But I still needed to move. I needed to find something that kept me active, without having an additional commitment. I worked out at home, went for runs around my neighbourhood, but that got boring and eventually I lost my momentum, lost motivation. I went trying out different fitness gyms – Orange Theory Fitness, F45. I loved em but omg having to now fend for myself, and to pay for university at the same time, I just could not afford to spend a few hundreds every month to work out.

Then at 22, I stumbled upon yoga very randomly on social media. I decided to try it out at home, then finally found a studio that offered packages I could actually afford. I fell in love with it, the mat became my comfort zone, my work outs revolved around yoga and the rest is history. 💙