As strong as your weakest link

‘One is as strong as one’s weakest link’ is something I firmly believe in. More often than not, we are caught up with working on what we are already good at and neglecting in areas that really need more attention. Imbalance becomes the residual effect.

Every yoga practitioner standing on a yoga mat has a different life story to share. Most of us are exploring different chapters of our lives. However, when one is standing on the mat, practicing with dedication, concentration and passion, we are all deemed equal. We all possess different strengths and talents. One with an unfortunate history of injuries or illnesses should not be judged as a frail individual. Likewise, an advance athlete may not necessary be strong in mind and soul. Acknowledging our faults to self and others in actuality requires massive courage.  I search for the silent warrior within myself as I look forward to grow stronger by embracing my flaws with humility and determination to improve.




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