Stretch of Faith

Where should I begin. 

Looking back at the 2.5 months, it’s amazing how far we came. I believe many, like me, didn’t expect this. Growing, stretching, breathing, enjoying, loving, in and into yoga. And actually doesn’t mind getting up 7am every weekend and sleeping early on Fridays (no happy hrs or drinking Fridays!). Honestly, I surprised myself! 

Being my reflective self, I reflected, and here are some of my random thoughts gathered. 

Passion does exist 
It’s true. As we grow older, we conveniently chucked “passion” aside. Disregarding it as something whimsical. But me waking up early voluntarily every weekend- religiously and diligently, voluntarily exercising strict discipline in my lifestyle (no Friday nights out), pushing away all appointments (e.g. friends’ wedding) so that I can attend my wkend YTT lessons and be in my best state, says something. 

Yoga is for everyone 
I love how I am learning and un-discovering so much of yoga every weekend. Yoga is actually an extremely holistic activity, and it can take many forms. From mediation, breathing exercises, yang classes to dynamic flow classes – it can calm your soul, clears your mind, provide you with better clarify and focus, at the same time, train your muscles (core, superficial etc.), stretches and strengthens your muscles/ligaments etc., and tingles your nerves. No matter what you need or are looking for, it is likely that yoga can achieve or complement it. So practise what you need to, and you/your body change and unfold. 

Be uncompromising 
We learnt alot from our weekly wkend lessons. Master Paalu and Weiling taught us the different aspects of yoga. The science and art of yoga. The asanas, anatomy and physiology, philosophy. One key thing that I learnt from them is to be uncompromising. In the practice of our asanas – be uncompromising. Be precise, be accurate – stretch to the position where u are supposed to stretch, hold in the position which you are supposed to hold, seek alignment. Do not compromise on your poses just like how you do not compromise in life – towards your values and beliefs. 

There are many more things which I learnt from yoga, from this YTT journey, from Master Paalu and Weiling, and I believe that’s the reason why we (the coursemates and I) are so intrigued by it and kept looking forward to it every weekend. I see connections between yoga and my daily life – the principles between our practice, the attitude, the importance of focus, clarity and hence why we mediate, the chakras and that gives you awareness of your emotions, the teaching of yoga and how we need to apply different teaching techniques towards different people, etc. 

What I thought to be a tedious and intense 2.5 months of wkend asanas practice turned out to be a holistic YTT journey that brought me to a higher level of yoga practice, deeper appreciation towards yoga and better awareness towards my physical body and my mental mind. 

To you, whom is reading my post now, and wondering if you are suitable to sign up for it, I say, take the leap of faith and stretch into the world of yoga. It’s one of the best decisions I have made and I sincerely believe you will enjoy it as much as I do too <3 


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