Straight from the heart – (General)

Finding the balance in life has always been my priority. Having to grow up & live in a small, fast paced island like Singapore, I often feel claustrophobic & that leads to many anxieties that suffocate my mind. I am one that gets affected easily by what surrounds me. I am in constant search for peace.
I was introduced to Yoga approximately 6 years ago. Even from the basic poses & simple breathing exercises in Hatha classes, I get a sensation of calmness. I also started to realize that when my mind is clearer, I could focus better in my daily activities.
Just about a year ago, I challenged myself into going to an Ashtanga – Vinyasa class for beginners. It required more body movement, strength & flexibility to achieve the poses but I love the challenge.
Since I have developed a strong passion for Ashtanga Yoga, I am determining to bring a positive and good attitude every time I step on my mat. Even if it is going to take plenty of time, I have the patience to perfect it. I enjoy the depth of understanding every Asana & the attention to detail.
Both Master Paalu & Master Satya had taught me so much during the 200 Hour Teaching Training. Their patience & professionalism constantly bring me to many interest of learning.
I will always consider myself a student and keep on learning to get better each day. Hopefully one day, I can share my experiences to those who have the same interest to include something wonderful like Yoga into their lifestyle.
I have achieved success if I have lived well, laughed often & loved much!
Namaste 🙂

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