Stiff young man

Stiff young man

Recently found that many young people, although white meat tender and healthy, but the body is very stiff, there is no muscle strength.

The reason is simple
We can’t control our mouth and lack of training
While the body is stiff at the same time
It can also affect peoples moods and brains
Causes people to react more slowly
The body is slowly being old

Physical stiffness is actually a disease, look at its 6 great dangers

1, the body is prone to pain
As we all know, if long time sitting, look at mobile phones, incorrect posture, very easy to lead to head tilt, round shoulder hunchback, cervical vertebral disease, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc protrusion and other diseases, and these problems lead to chronic pain will seriously affect our quality of life.

2, slow blood circulation, low immunity
The body stiffens, the blood circulation in this area will naturally slow down, the body will become cold, and the blood circulation will be slow, the body immunity will slowly be affected, become worse.

3, more likely to be afraid of cold
As we all know, the body calories come not only from food, but also from the body muscles. If the muscles become stiff, blood flow slows down, the heat will naturally become less, the body stiff people will be more afraid of cold in winter.

4, more emotional
As we all know, emotions and stress can also be backlogged in the body, such as physical stiffness and stress, people often have shoulder and neck pain. If these emotional stresses are not excreted in an appropriate way, they can lead to mood swings, and emotional characteristics are more pronounced if chronic pain problems occur at the same time.

5, more prone to injury
People who are physically stiff and inflexible are more likely to be injured when faced with unexpected situations in exercise or daily life.

6, easy to fatigue
If the body is stiff, the muscles are not elastic, and there is no strength, then it is inevitable that it will not be able to maintain the normal operation of the body for a long time, prone to fatigue.

If  you don’t want to stay old and get stiffer and worse, start practicing yoga, stretch your body, and build muscle. We can’t resist aging, but we can get older, be comfortable and stay away from pain. YOGA can help you.